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Blue Planet DNA
Secret Shopper Restaurant Program - Fish/Seafood Testing -- Make Money!

If you enjoy eating fish and eat out on a regular basis, signup for our BP-DNA Secret Shopper program. We need investigators all over the United States and Canada.

The program is simple. We provide you with a small DNA collection kit. You go out to eat at a restaurant participating in our program (initially in Florida), order the fish dish of your choice. Take home a doggy bag or obtain a small sample, the size of a grain of rice, at the restaurant. Fill out the short tracking form, then place it into the kit box and mail it back to us. Postage is paid by us. We will reimburse you approx. $10-$20 toward the cost of your meal. Details are still being worked out.

You get the added benefit of a free DNA test of your meal. We will also let you know the results, so that you know what you have really been eating.

Please send an email with the Subject: BP-DNA Secret Shopper to secrets@bp-dna.com

Thank you.

Dan F. Schramm
Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
Blue Planet DNA Corporation

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