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URGENT WARNING: Face Masks w/Vents
Reliable Reports: Masks with Exhaust/Air Vents DO NOT PROTECT from COVID-19

N95 Face Mask with Vent is Dangerous This is very simple, face masks with exhaust vents make breathing and wearing them a bit easier, but they are highly dangerous and DO NOT PREVENT EXPOSURE to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

Worst, if worn by an infected person, they allow the direct unfiltered spread of COVID-19. They do absolutely no good when worn by a person infected with the coronavirus and give a very false sense of security to persons around them. They are totally worthless to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you are wearing this type of mask, we will soon have activated charcoal mask filters available that will render these masks safe. In the meantime, cover the vent with duct tape (or something like that) or use another type of mask. Apparently alot of people have a false sense of security.

Keep in mind this applies to almost all construction grade dust masks and any other type of mask with a vent such as the wrap around masks most of us have seen in photos and on television.

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Background: We just learned this today March 23, 2020 from our factory employees in China, about 100 KM from Hong Kong. We own part of a cable and metal working factory and have had products produced such as stainless steel cables (See Blueoffices.com) and metalworking done (See DiscoParty.us) for more than 8 years. We have very reliable people there who tell us, along with mask manufacturers that face masks with vents (exhaust ports) are NOT SAFE and do NOT prevent transmission of COVID-19.

In fact we have an order of new stainless steel safety cables arriving Tuesday (March 24, 2020) or today from Hong Kong that we just had manufactured. See for yourselves that we can get things done, DHL No. 6730623616 . Our supply chain is not broken. We also have much experience getting things through Chinese customs within hours and into Hong Kong for quick shipping despite the virtual blockcade between them. The U.S. has dropped all customs tariffs on medical supplies from China.

Example of a Mask with Vents along with a rip-off price.
This scam page shows widely different numbers of people viewing it, and the amount of masks available randomly changes each time it is loaded.

3D Cat Scan of COVID-19 lung damage on CNN.

We will also offer N95 masks wholesale in bulk quantities of 10,000 (or more) for less than market value. New York is willing to pay $4.00 per mask. Our price is about $2.66 each plus shipping door to door. Shipping adds about 19 cents per mask. Two weeks delivery max., shipped air by UPS from Hong Kong directly to you. Government agencies, hospitals and the like have priority. Also available in batches of 100k and 1,000K delivered door to door within two weeks. No credit, no terms. Advance payment is required to our Florida, USA bank account.


No consumer UV device, including "Phone Soap" is powerful enough to kill COVID-19. For the phone UV device to have any chance of working, the phone would have to be in it for over two hours. Handheld lamps being moved over surfaces have no chance at all. Do not fall for the spam sales messages.


If you wear contacts, but you also have glasses, remove your contacts NOW and wear your glasses.

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