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Media Resources - The Truth About Herbal ED -- Erectile Dysfunction -- Products

By Dan F. Schramm, CEO


If that is what you base purchasing decisions on for herbal male enhancement supplements, then you are throwing your money away and endangering your health. If you are willing to spend good money and swallow pills from some shadow company based on that, you probably deserve what you get. If you are going to trust some Chinese company, that is likely the source, and doesn't care about you in the least, just your wallet, you are a fool. Take some time and learn about what it is you are putting into your body. After educating yourself, then perhaps we have some other helpful things to talk about that can be put into practice.

If your "herbal" male enhancement pills say they work in 30-60 minutes, chances are, they are adulterated with one or more forms of undisclosed drugs used in prescription ED treatments or their analogs. This is a federal crime in addition to being a danger for persons who believe the "all-natural" or "herbal" labeling.

A recent test by Health Canada found that 50 percent of herbal supplements were contaminated with undisclosed ingredients and 30 percent didn't contain any of the label ingredients. (Only single herb products were tested.) 9 percent were complete junk, containing only rice and one contained only wheat. Ingredient labels failed to list the cheap rice and soy filler which was found in 21 percent of the products, and alfalfa was found in 16 percent of the products. Only 32 percent of the products tested were properly labeled.

Fleshner N et al. (2005) Evidence for contamination of herbal erectile dysfunction products with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. J Urol 174: 636–641 PubMed: Fleshner et al have shown evidence that a significant proportion of natural and herbal products marketed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction contain phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors such as sildenafil and tadalafil.

If you take nitrates, have heart problems, or other health issues affecting erections and you believe the “all-natural” or “herbal” labels you are being foolish and putting your life in the hands of people who care only about fleecing as much money from your pocket as possible. Chances are they are mostly made in China or some third world cesspool and marketed by people here who are only out for the fast buck.

If you purchase male enhancement pills made in China or any third world country, you must assume they contain undisclosed drugs and probably other undisclosed contaminants. They are not natural and can cause dangerous health conditions for person's using nitrates, having heart conditions or other physical conditions that could become life threatening.

Regardless of brand name, you really have no idea what is in the pill or in what quantity. Many brands purchase capsules in bulk from another manufacturer and re-brand them. They have little idea what is in there, and you won't either. You can never be sure what brands have the exact same manufacturer or where that manufacturer is located which is often China, India or Eastern Europe. You will never know what contaminants have found their way into the contents. You will never know if one batch is the same as another. Many sellers use contract manufacturers who purchase the cheapest ingredients they can to increase profits. Others don't even put into the product what their contract calls for. I personally have read any number of civil cases and civil/criminal enforcement actions where this has happened. Many of these "herbal" manufacturers don't even meet the minimum requirements of the law and FDA regulations. Tests have shown that many hebal supplements are contaminated with undisclosed drugs, lead, pesticides, yeast, bacteria such as e coli, mold, dirt, rodent droppings and other fecal matter plus other foreign and potentially dangerous substances.


If your herbal pills or other supplement claims to make your penis larger, it is a false claim, a fraud. You should assume they are lying about other things too. You should assume the product is dangerous.

If any pill actually worked to enlarge a penis it would also enlarge all other soft tissue of the body. There is simply no way with current technology to direct the effects (even if they could be achieved) to a single bodily organ.

If anyone could do that, they would be billionaires. Of course, that would be after testing, clinical trials, and FDA approval. In other words, it would take lots and lots of money to accomplish and obviously no pharmaceutical company has done that despite the hundreds of millions they spend on research.

No company blending herbal ingredients is going to accomplish that either. Some people believe these things work, but it is likely an illusion created by a particularly firm erection compared to what they otherwise usually experience at best or wishful thinking, or a profit motive at worst.

Male enhancement products are also marketed in forms other than pills and capsules. Some are sold as tea. Some are delivered in other forms, such as with nasal sprays. I personally consider the sprays as dangerous -- in any number of ways -- as it is not processed by the body at all and virtually goes directly into the blood stream.

Products that make big promises are also in effect claiming medical benefits and the ability to cure a medical problem, which basically is saying that they are an illegal drug. The FDA has plenty to say about such claims. An herbal supplement can't claim to cure a medical problem such as male impotence.

However, at the same time, a man can have some problems achieving a suitable erection as often, as hard or as fast as he might want. This is not a medical problem. There are lots of reasons for that. Even legal ED medications require the male to be aroused, that means physically and psychologically. You can take a Viagra and if you aren't feeling horny, it is not going to do anything. If you are tired or exhausted, it is likely not to do much. If you are out of shape, it is not going to work as well for someone who is in shape. If you are young, it is naturally going to work better than for the average older person. At the same time, I know guys that are seriously out of shape and overweight and they seem to have no problem at all getting hard quickly and staying that way. There are dozens if not hundreds of factors.

BP-DNA Medical Image If you are tired, you could drink a 5 Hour Energy drink or another energy drink that pumps you full of caffeine or chemicals that work in a similar way, wakes you up and gives you energy. Is that a drug, well yes it is, but not in the legal or FDA sense. Caffeine has been around for a long time and is not considered a drug. If an ingredient was natural and sold as such, it is not a drug. A substance can be natural even if processed or concentrated in different ways. If it is a chemical substance that does not exist in nature, then it is likely a drug and subject to FDA regulation. Not disclosing an ingredient, especially one that could cause harm, is illegal of course.

Similarly, a natural herb, perhaps in concentrated form, could increase blood flow. An erection is all about blood flow. Thus, a natural herb could help to achieve a more satisfying erection and have other related positive benefits. Nobody can say though that it will work the same for everyone. Again, there are many factors involved.

There are many herbal supplements that make all sorts of claims. Has anyone done clinical tests on the garlic pills or Saint John's Wort that found their way into my medicine cabinet? Can anyone say they will do what is claimed? Of course not. Can anyone even prove that they will have some beneficial effect for the average male? Certainly not. That is the nature of herbal supplements.

There are herbs that act like testosterone does, which will increase sexual desire and stamina. They aren't going to work as well as a chemical analog might, but then again, testosterone pills are sold over the counter and online without a prescription. Just check any body building website, magazine or catalog.

I purchased and took some very expensive testosterone sold by a top body building site for one month and it did nothing for my sex drive or erections. In fact, all it seemed to do was make me angry and gave me a shorter temper. That was quite pointless waste of money. Does everyone respond that way: no, of course not.

I recently had blood taken and it is going to be tested for testosterone, and I'll report it that is a problem or not. Also the lab is testing kidney functions and some other things. Just got a colonoscopy. That was fun. It was overdue as I am 62 and never had one.

I admit, for me, alcohol tends to ruin the effects of Viagra. I also know guys that can be drunk out of their gourds and still have no problem getting hard quickly. I doubt they have taken any ED drug. For me, alcohol just makes everything less sensitive though it increases my visual acuity so it is NOT true for me that everyone looks better at bar close.

So, who is to say that is a medical problem or condition? I suppose if you are not Hercules or otherwise built like a Greek God, then anything less you could achieve would be a medical problem? Of course it isn't a medical problem. In my opinion, erectile dysfunction is not always or necessarily a “medical” problem that needs to be cured. I mean, if I just was hard for two hours and ejaculated five times, do I have a medical problem because I can't get hard again for awhile or cum again immediately? Of course not!

Of course, a lot of the governmental bullshit is due to the lobbying of the pharmaceutical industry which just wants to protect its profits, which by the way is the largest spender on lobbying in the country. I don't have a “medical” problem and my doctor didn't even diagnose one. Sometimes I just need a little help.

BP-DNA Medical Image If you can't get hard at all, you probably have a medical problem, and often Viagra or another ED drug isn't going to do you any good. You need to get that medical problem treated, and not be buying prescription drugs or herbal supplements.

I started wondering if there was an herbal combination that could overcome that. Not necessarily an herbal combination that worked like Viagra, but a combination that would work WITH Viagra or another prescription ED drug that would reduce the effects of alcohol, provide more sexual energy or otherwise make the pills more effective when the user had some other complaint, like what we have discussed. That seemed like an avenue to explore, but more about that later.

Mood, Energy Levels & Desire

Obviously there are many things involved in sexual desire and having an appropriate physical reaction. There are still more factors involved in how quickly that can be achieved and how long it will last. The ED pharmas say to call a doctor if an erection lasts more than 4 hours. I have never had THAT problem. In fact, if that happened, I think I would throw a party and invite all my friends over.

Your mood has a great deal to do with sexual arousal. There are many things that can affect your mood and thus how effective any ED drug is going to be. If you take a Viagra and go out to a club, lets say, and that hot girl or guy you wanted to come onto is getting hit on by somebody else (who just won't go away), your mood may well darken. Taking that Viagra will probably turn out to be a big waste of money. Alcohol also can seriously change a person's mood. An energy drink or a few cups of coffee will too. So will some herbal supplements. If a supplement helps in some small way to put you into a better mood, that is not curing any medical condition, but it is likely to make sure that Viagra isn't going to total waste. At least with taking a herbal supplement you will not have to run to the bathroom to pee a bunch and then miss that hot person walk out the door with your competition.

At the same time, hot people have lots of attention, but usually will reject the first approaches and are holding out for Mr. Right. As the evening or morning gets later, they might have a change of heart. Many times I figure that I have no chance either so why bother after people better than me have struck out. I try to overcome that because a significant number of times I have been successful where others have failed by picking the right moment and having something worthwhile to say or just a really good pickup line. If I was in a good and confident mood I would be much more likely to give it a try and risk that possibility of painful rejection. The rewards can be great.

Not letting other people affect my mood is a constant New Year's resolution, but it is a tough thing to do. Why not get a little help for that mood, assuming it is legal? Overcoming being shy is another related resolution I work on regularly.

I know I am doing something right when someone I know calls me a slut. Do you know how hard it is to live up to that title at 62 and not being rich or something?

Seriously folks, then there are all those medical warnings. I think some of these medical/legal warnings are more like little promotional angles or pitches than anything the user is likely to experience. The user probably wishes he could achieve an erection for something approaching 4 hours. In my younger days, I got pretty close to that with some ED meds as there are some really greedy little bottom boys out there.

Penicillin is a drug, but it comes from a type of mold. LSD is certainly a drug, but it too comes from a specific mold. You aren't going to get a meaningful dose of penicillin by eating mold. Chances are you will get sick, not cured. However, eating mold that grows on grain can provide a significant dose of LSD and that has actually happened throughout human history and explains any number of religious visions and experiences.

Do you know why people say “God bless you” when a person sneezes? People used to believe that when you sneezed, that was the devil trying to get into your body. If you got sick, it was because you must have sinned and thus allowed the devil in. This had all sorts of moral implications, but of course, not much foundation in reality.

Then there are lots of other problems. The University of Maryland conducted a test with several brands of male enhancement pills and was surprised to find a large amount of harmful contaminants in these pills. Although most pills contained mostly herbs, they also contained yeast, mold, and bacteria -- like E. coli --, fecal matter, lead and pesticides. Because no other formal studies have been conducted on these pills, there is no real proof that male enhancement pills are effective or do not harm their users in the long run. Nobody runs clinical studies on herbal male enhancement supplements. You can be pretty sure that the best selling brands are also counterfeited, so you can never be certain of what you are getting in the mail or over the counter.

Then there is the price. If you purchase them in an adult store, you can be sure they have been marked up 100 percent or more. The price of many approaches the cost of Viagra. Four or five years ago I got a prescription for Viagra and paid $9.00 a pill. I thought that was expensive. Recently (end of 2013) I got a new prescription for Viagra. The doctor sent it to the pharmacy directly. I went in to get just some of them, and they had the prescription ready for me, with a price tag of $380. I didn't want to spend a lot, so I just ordered 3 pills. They were $28 each! And the pharmacy wasn't even making any money on that. I thought the more that something is sold, the cheaper it gets. What a freaking rip-off. These were 100 mg pills. Buying 25 or 50 mg ones is a complete waste of money in my view. I find that cutting the 100's in half works almost as well, but that is still too expensive. No wonder people want to believe the outrageous claims of male supplement sellers.

I have tried herbal pills and admit some work fairly well. I suspect they contain an analog of Viagra or another prescription ED medication. Stiff Nights, for example, is one of them, but at $12.00 plus tax for 2 pills, it is not a deal.

This all convinced me to seriously investigate the ingredients of male sexual enhancement products and working on a way to do it better, without violating federal regulations. I also wanted to do a better job of quality control then the competition.

Working on setting up a lab to conduct DNA testing of seafood gave me the idea to look at the DNA of the herbal ingredients and make some determinations based upon that. Granted, I am not a scientist, but many investigators and inventors are not. Just consider the 16 year old gay high school student who invented a breakthrough technique for determining pancreatic cancer. At the same time, I have had the assistance of scientists and medical professionals in this project, just as he did. Nothing is done these days in a vacuum. Just ask my lawyers.

You will also notice that I don't have fancy promotion with good looking young models. You will also notice that I am a real person with a real company that has been in business for many years. It is very easy to research me and my corporation which is in many lines of manufacturing and business services. This is not some shell company that can be easily abandoned or some company overseas that can't be touched by U.S. courts or law enforcement.


Sildenafil citrate is a white to off-white crystalline powder with a solubility of 3.5 mg/mL in water and a molecular weight of 666.7. VIAGRA (sildenafil citrate) is formulated as blue, film-coated rounded-diamond-shaped tablets equivalent to 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg of sildenafil for oral administration. In addition to the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, each tablet contains the following inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, lactose, triacetin, and FD & C Blue #2 aluminum lake.

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