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Turn Your Face Mask into a C-Filter Type Gas Mask

Activated Charcoal Inserts for Regular Face Masks

Face masks protect you from exposure to the coronavirusm ie: COVID-19. Research proves this and the experience in China proves it. Secondarily, if a person is infected, the face mask reduces the amount of virus they release and it protects other people around them. People can be infected and show few signs of infection, so wearing a mask is a win-win for everyone. Wearing glasses or safety goggles also helps as it protects the eyes from exposure. In hospitals, using a face shield (with a mask) is more comfortable and effective. If your immune system is compromised in any way, wearing a mask and taking other precautions becomes even more important.

Granted, an ordinary mask of cloth or paper is not the best protection, but it is far better than nothing. The best protection -- short of a military gas mask -- is a N95 mask. A N95 mask is designed to properly fit over the mouth and nose. A better N95 or a N100 mask has an exhaust value making breathing with it a bit easier. What few masks actually have (though the better ones have) is a layer of activated charcoal or activated carbon. Particles you would otherwise breath in bind to the activated charcoal and become trapped. Activated charcoal is also used to make facial beauty masks, but obviously we are not talking about those, although it is the same principal in that germs and things become trapped by the activated charcoal.

coronavirus, COVID-19 image
Novel Coronavirus- COVID-19 Photo

Vertical flat-fold design for easy storage. The N95 respirator is a disposable particulate respirator that is designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection of at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles such as those from grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging, or other dusty operations. This respirator can also help reduce inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles. (Examples: mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, COVID-19), but cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness, or disease. This respirator is compatible with a variety of protective eye-wear and hearing protection.

Actual gas mask canisters use activated charcoal to filter the air. Beware of older Russian gas masks as the canisters contain asbestos. They may protect you in the short run but kill you in the long run. Face mask production is being allocated on a gobal basis and production lead times for most suppliers is 2-3 months. Activated charcoal filters are also known as "C-Filters". Activated charcoal is used for filtering water and many other things.

If you are using a regular cloth or paper face mask to protect yourself from COVID-19 exposure, you can make it much more effective by using the BP-DNA Activated Charcoal Mask Insert. The insert is made of two layers of polypropylene plastic, the same as a surgical mask. This provides better filtering than a cloth or paper mask. Inbetween the two layers, is a layer of activated charcoal. This small pad is very light weight and is simply inserted into the mask.

Coconut tree in Key West, FL
Coconut Tree in Key West, FL
This insert effectively turns an ordinary face mask into a pretty effective gas mask. The insert adds two polypropylene filters plus the layer of activated charcoal (activated carbon). It can filter up to 99.88% of particles. The filter can be used for 1 to 2 weeks when used occasionally, such as going to the store and other errands. If used for 8 hours daily it should be discarded after 3 days. Our activated charcoal is made from coconuts. It can also be made from hard woods, but coconuts offer a number of advantages.

The flu virus, as well as coronavirus is .17 microns in size. Clearly it is smaller than even N100 masks can filter out. However, it is critical to understand that the flu and coronavirus does not float in the air by itself. The virus is transported from person to person on droplets of excretions from sneezing and coughing. These particles are typically 5 microns or larger. When a sick person wears a respirator, the respirator can be very effective at preventing infectious material from leaving the patients body and when worn by healthy individuals, it prevents inhalation of said particles. Importantly, wearing a mask is an excellent way of preventing the user from rubbing or touching their mouth or nose, which is a very high risk factor. Be certain to wash your hands well after touching the mask, or the BP-DNA AC Insert or wear disposable gloves.

April 3 -- The New York Times also reported this week that thousands of ventilators stockpiled by the federal government were not functional because the Trump administration had allowed a maintenance contract to lapse.

flu virus image
Image of the Flu Virus
Coronavirus is also spread via fecal matter. Be sure to wash your hands very well after using any public restroom. In fact, research from China has shown there is a much higher load of COVID-19 in the stool than in the mouth or nose. Anal swabs are also much more effective at detecting the virus especially in people who are not showing symptoms. It has been found some people without symptoms or with very minor symptoms are highly infectious. This is another reason people should wear masks and practice good hygiene.

Notice also, that there is absolutely no research out there that shows people wearing masks are becoming infected. There certainly are other transmission routes as well. One could guess that the surgeon general is worried that if the public buys masks en-mass that will create shortages for medical professionals. Also, it is part of Trumps fake information campaign to play down the virus for political reasons and because they might believe that media showing the mass public wearing masks will add to the panic.

Finally, there is one point that I have not heard anyone make. Even if a face mask was not 100 percent effective, and you were exposed to the coronavirus, the mask would still reduce the amount of exposure. By reducing the amount of exposure, your illness will be much more mild and the body has a greater chance of fighting it off, which then renders you immune to the virus. So, even in the worst case scenario, wearing a mask is a very smart thing to do.

3D Cat Scan of COVID-19 lung damage on CNN.

Wearing a mask with a BP-DNA Activated Charcoal Insert is the best protection you can get, short of a military grade gas mask.

Made in Key West, FL.

Available for ordering shortly. Please check back.

Activated Charcoal Capsules --

The virus causes stomach and digestion problems resulting in diarrhea which you can reduce with our new activated charcoal tablets. The tablets also reduce stomach acid, gas and bloating, and other stomach upsets. All vegan capsules. Order them now before you need them.

Manufactured in Key West, FL by Blue Planet Pharma Corporation.

Bottles of activated charcoal capsules will be available shortly.


Use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Alcohol destablizes the outer layers of coronavirus, potentially damaging and breaking them down enough so that they're less likely to infect you when you later rub your eyes, nose or mouth. Washing your hands well is more effective than the sanitizer alone.

Air purifiers and HEPA filters will NOT filter out COVID-19. Some companies are making this claim including one on IndieGoGo attempting to profit from this crisis. Do not believe this crap. The virus is way too small to be affected by these types of devices. Virtually no consumer grade UV light source will kill the virus. There is a UV phone cleaner but you would need to leave the phone in the unit for over 2 hours and even then there is no guarantee. For your phone, you are better off using an alcohol wipe.

SUGGESTIONS: If you have a family, designate one person to go to the store. Wear whatever protective mask and gear that you have. Create a demarcation line for your house or apartment. Use the garage, breezeway, entry way, foyer, porch,deck or whatever available entrance space you have. If possible do so for your entire apartment or condo building. Have inside and outside clothing. Use latex, nitrile or other gloves outside if you have them. If not, wash your hands regularly and perhaps have a hand washing station near your demarcation line/entrance. If you have it, use hand sanitizer first, but also wash your hands. Fecal matter can spread the virus, so always wash hands well after bathroom use, especially after using any public bathroom. If the toilet has a lid, be certain to close it before flushing. If you have a washable mask, obviously wash it regularly. If you only have disposable masks and need to re-use them, one suggestion is to use the hose of a vacuum to clean them. Leave the vacuum outside your demarcation line. Regularly disinfect doorknobs and similar surfaces.

If you have plastic sheating, and no dedicated space, you could create a small demarcation area at your home and/or work entrance which should be kept clean and reguarly disinfected. Rather than repeatedly wasting cleaning products on your entire residence, be most concerned about the demarcation area and any isolation area you can set up. Although the virus is not airborne and is transmitted in droplets, it can still survive on most surfaces for a number of hours or even days according to the EPA, including masks and clothing. Staying at least 6 feet away from people when you are in public is a good rule to avoid direct exposure. Needless to say, try to stay farther away then that if a person is coughing or sneezing, especially if they are not wearing a mask.

Perhaps one of the few encouraging aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak is that the virus is enveloped. Enveloped viruses are the least resistant to inactivation by disinfection. The structure of these viruses includes a lipid envelope, which is easily compromised by most disinfectants. Once the lipid envelope is damaged, the integrity of the virus is compromised, thereby neutralizing its capacity to infect.

Home Made Masks

There are various patterns and instructions for home made face masks on the internet. It helps to have a sewing machine, but they can be sewn by hand. Most of the commercial masks use elastic bands. These are BAD news. The elastic bands can trap and later release the virus. They are difficult to clean. If possible, use a cloth ribbon.

CNN Report: Reduce Vulnerability When Sleeping

Type of Particle and Size in Microns

Anthrax 1 - 5 Asbestos 0.7 - 90 Atmospheric Dust 0.001 - 40 Bacteria 0.3 - 60 Beach Sand 100 - 10000 Bone Dust 3 - 300 Bromine 0.1 - 0.7 Carbon Dioxide 0.00065 Copier Toner 0.5 - 15 Corn Starch 0.1 - 0.8 Fiberglass Insulation 1 - 1000 Lead 0.1 - 0.7 Metallurgical Dust 0.1 - 1000 Mold Spores 10 - 30 Oil Smoke 0.03 - 1 One inch 25400 Oxygen 0.0005 Pesticides & Herbicides 0.001 Radioactive Fallout 0.1 - 10 Red Blood Cells 5 - 10 Saw Dust 30 - 600 Smoke from Natural Materials 0.01 - 0.1 Smoke from Synthetic Materials 1 - 50 Spores 3 - 40 Sugars 0.0008 - 0.005 Tobacco Smoke 0.01 - 4 Typical Atmospheric Dust 0.001 to 30

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