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Surgical & Disposable Mask Wholesale Sales
Available Starting March 26, 2020

Surgical mask product First, we have a partner company in China able to produce 350,000 masks per day. These are disposable surgical, 3-ply masks. Only $1.86 Each.

We can provide disposable surgical masks wholesale in bulk quantities of 10,000, (Production Time Within 3 Days) 100,000 and 1,000,000 (Production Time 5-7 days) for less than market value. New York is willing to pay $4.00 per mask. Our price is about $2.66 each plus shipping. Two weeks delivery max., with 6-7 day delivery door to door possible, shipped air by UPS from Hong Kong directly to you. Shipping estimated at $1,900 for 10,000 pieces or about 19 cents per mask. Government agencies, hospitals and the like have priority. No credit, no terms. Advance payment is required to our Florida, USA bank account.

CE and FDA approved.

Be prepared for the size of these shipments. 10,000 pieces weigh 2100 KG and take up 12 Cubic Meters. Shipping cost $1,900.00. 100,000 pieces shipping cost $19,000 (Vol. 120 Cubic Meters) and 1,000,000 pieces (1200 Cubic Meters) shipping cost is $199,000. This is 6-7 days UPS Air. It would be cheaper to ship 1M by sea in cargo containers, but would take several weeks to get to a US port.

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We own part of a cable and metal working factory outside Hong Kong and have had products produced such as stainless steel cables (See Blueoffices.com) and metalworking done (See DiscoParty.us) for more than 8 years.

Our supply chain is not broken. We also have much experience getting things through Chinese customs within hours and into Hong Kong for quick shipping despite the virtual blockcade between them. The U.S. has dropped all customs tariffs on medical supplies from China.

In fact we have an order of new clear plastic coated stainless steel safety cables that arrived Tuesday (March 24, 2020) from Hong Kong that we just had manufactured. See for yourselves that we can get things done, DHL No. 6730623616 .

Watch a short production video from our factory

For larger quantities, please contact us, though 10,000 piece orders have priority.

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Email: dan@bp-dna.com

Wholesale Orders; Contact Dan F. Schramm, CEO, directly at 305-394-3439.

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