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COVID-19: The Biggest Lies

July 30, 2020 --- Coronavirus is a real threat, and don't believe anyone who says it is not. It is not just the flu. Over 245,000 Americans have died as of this date. Yes, hundreds of thousands are infected and most will survive. If you survive COVID-19 it still does serious damage to your body that can create long term health issues. There is plenty of evidence for this and I am not going to debate it here.

The lies go in an entirely different direction. The biggest lie is that coronavirus is not worse than the flu. If you believe this, you are a moron that needs to be culled from the population and odds are, you will be -- sooner or later as the virus is not going anywhere.

We have all been told that COVID-19 is a TWO WEEK virus. The biggest question to me is how could there have been such a huge reservoir of virus to cause such a massive surge after 3 MONTHS of lockdown and within only a couple of weeks of businesses such as bars reopening?

mask ratings Why did a 3 month lockdown not mostly put an end to the virus? Yes, the lack of testing was a contributing factor, but there is a far bigger factor that nobody says outloud. First, we were told not to wear masks and then not to wear N95 masks as those needed to be save for first responders and medical personnel. That was true in the beginning, but at this point there is plenty of inventory of N95 and especially KN95 masks. They use the number 95 because that is the percentage of particles the mask filters from the air.

Today most people are wearing face coverings, but are not wearing real masks. Face coverings are better than nothing to protect the public, but they do little to protect the wearer. The most popular is the surgical mask, but that was never intended for this purpose. Most of the air you breath in is going around the mask, not through the fabric. A surgical mask was designed and intended to protect the patient during surgery, NOT the doctor. Although the fabric has a good rating compared to many other things being used as a face covering, most of the air goes around this mask. Thus, the rating of this mask really does not mean a great deal.

There is one big statistic that nobody mentions. Tens of thousands of people are infected everyday now, but nobody reveals what percentage were wearing face coverings out in public. They certainly do not tell you what type of face covering was used or what percentage of people were wearing surgical masks much less KN95 masks. This is a deliberate con job.

Our government now tells us to wear face coverings, because naturally they want to reduce transmission of the virus. What they do not tell you is that they don't really care about you. They do not tell you to wear an N95/KN95 mask. Let the masses risk their lives on the bogus advice we get from the federal government. You have been warned, only a KN95 mask has any chance of saving you. Let the real fools wear hankerchiefs and t-shirts.

KN95 Mask Example

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