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Shark Repellent --

Sharksneeze Logo [Key West, FL 11-25-16] -- Blue Planet announces the availablity of its new and exclusive BP-DNA Shark Sneeze Shark Repellent (tm) which provides effective protection from shark attack in emergency situations for people in life vests and emergency rafts.

June 2, 2021 -- Now upgraded with two types of metal flakes. Large size upgraded to 4 magnets and Medium size to 2 magnets.

Dog Repellent & Scent Eradication --

[Key West, FL 05-16-19] -- Blue Planet announces the availablity of its new and original DogSneeze Dog Repellent (tm) at which provides protection from dogs and to kill dog scents.

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Seafood DNA Testing --

[Key West, FL] -- Blue Planet DNA will be soon launching its own DNA laboratory (DNA Bar Coding) to test seafood against a database of over 10,000+ known DNA profiles of fish, plus other seafood and sea life known overall as the Fish Bar Code of Life Initiative and the Consortium for the Barcode of Life. Over 288,000+ DNA profiles in the database cover many forms of life on earth. The FDA also has a DNA library of 250+ commonly consumed fish. This database is certified and can be used in court. The database is expanding to allow the testing of pet food and wild game meat. Nationwide, over 25 percent of fish sold is mislabeled. A 2013 U.S.-based Oceana national study found that 33 percent of fish are mis-labeled. It also found fish species that are not even approved for sale in the United States. Sushi restaurants are the worst offenders. Farmed fish is also sold as wild caught fish. Sometimes protected species are caught and fraudulently labeled so they can be sold. The BP-DNA service will help to track down poachers and smugglers. As the world's oceans become more overfished, seafood prices will rise and our service will become increasingly important to make certain consumers are getting what they are paying for.

BP-DNA will offer test kits for individual and business use at competitive prices. Mis-labeled fish can be found at fish markets, restaurants, specialty shops and even more so at grocery stores and big box stores, including processed fish products. These kits will be sold here, and on other sites such as, and They may also be available on a retail basis.

BP-DNA will also offer testing for antibiotics, heavy metals, bacterial contamination, radiation, and origination.

News Alert: Imported fish raised on animal feces.

Restaurant Certification Program

Fish DNA clip art We will also be launching a sophisticated program for testing seafood sold by restaurants. We will visit each participating restaurant monthly and test one sample of our choice and one seafood samples of the restaurant's choice. We will also be visiting each restaurant once each month via a BP-DNA Secret Shopper. The results will be posted on this website as well as Each participating location will recieve an impressive lucite 3 dimensional plaque acknowledging that the seafood served by that restaurant is authentic. The restaurant will also receive QR-code's to place on their menu next to seafood selections which will take the customer (with a smartphone and QR-code reader software) to the web page that certifies the type of seafood and provides other information about it. The monthly subscription cost will be approximately $149.00. Members can order extra tests and re-testing and also have us test the competition.

FDA Fish Regulatory Encyclopedia

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